Trader Talk Review – Does This Stock Trading Chat Service Live Up to Its Claim to Be Trendy?

Trader Talk is essentially the shortened form of the more popularly known online investor forum. It s essentially an online chat room on which Wall Street professionals discuss their opinions, experiences and share with fellow investors from all over the world. Although Trader Talk may seem to be very similar to message boards, there are several notable differences that separate the two mediums. One of these differences is that Trader Talk is a closed forum, unlike most other online investment discussion sites. While many message boards welcome members from all walks of life and provide a safe forum for sharing advice and knowledge, Trader Talk does not offer this same level of open forum, nor do they offer any form of public participation. This means that those new to trading in general as well as veterans looking for more specific information will have a difficult time getting involved and gaining useful knowledge from among the wealth of knowledge that is freely shared and discussed on the site.

Another distinct feature of Trader Talk is that it is moderated. Moderation, or the removal of spam, is done by a team of professional experts who are hired to ensure that the site is kept up to date with the latest trading ideas and information. Since the nature of trading involves large amounts of money and information, security is of paramount importance and this is why the moderators can choose to remove posts that are deemed to be spam or otherwise problematic in nature. In addition, many of the trading strategies and tips offered on the site are developed by experts and used by brokers and investors around the world and their information is generally well respected. This is another reason why many traders feel comfortable trading with Trader Talk since the information is generally trustworthy.

The last major difference between Trader Talk and other online stock trading chat services is that most of the information and opinions you receive on Trader Talk are given from personal experience. Most online stock trading communities are limited to a small pool of close friends and family members, but Trader Talk members can discuss and debate any topic imaginable. As such, you may be able to trade with people half way across the planet and find new ideas and techniques that weren’t known to you before. As always, you should always do your research before engaging in any online activity, including trading for profit. You should know what your goals are and whether or not you can achieve them with the methods you’re interested in using.