How To Search The Warren Buffett Archive

The Warren Buffett Archive is a repository of all of Mr. Buffett’s writings. These are primarily letters, essays, and legal papers that have been written by the great investor. It was created by a former employee of Mr. Buffett’s who felt the then-chairman was not being honest in some of his public statements. Many of these documents have never been published outside of a library.

Among the many documents available at the Warren Buffett Archive is material from his annual shareholder meetings. This includes discussions of investments he has made during his career, as well as how he has grown as an investor during those years. In addition, other material is being added to this site as the archive grows over the years. For example, in recent years, the company released an audio book, part of the Buffett Collection, and a podcast.

Other documents are available from the Buffett Archive which include the famed copy of his famous memo to the corporation in January of 1997, as well as portions of his famous letters to investors. All of this is a wonderful resource for anyone who is serious about learning more about the legendary investor and the time he has spent with some of his closest friends. By searching for the portions of his letters from any computer with internet access, you can get instant access to all of these documents. The site provides a searchable video gallery and a list of all of his annual meetings. You can also register to receive notification when any new items are added to this site.