What is Trader Talk?

What is Trader Talk? Trader Talk is the shortened form of the much more commonly known investor chat or forum. It’s basically an online chat room on Wall Street, where Wall Street professionals trade shares and discuss their experiences with different companies. Trader Talk has been designed in order to bring investors an efficient medium … Read more

Financial Notes – Earnings

Earnings are simply the financial benefits of the performance of a company. Earnings per share (EPS) is the ratio of the premium paid for the common stock issued to the shareholders on the balance sheet. In the United States, earnings refers mainly to profits earned by a company from its activities other than manufacturing and … Read more

A Look at the Website of the Most Successful Investor Family in History

The Warren Buffett Archive provides rich with exclusive content on all aspects of life, especially investing, business, and the stock exchange. All content is gathered from official media mentions, yearly speeches, financial articles and appearances by Warren Buffett. All these audio and video clips have been professionally edited and arranged by subject matter. There is … Read more

Trader Talk – How to Work the System

Trader Talk – How to Work the System In order to truly understand the manner in which Trader Talk is used and its place in the world of online investment communities, it is necessary to have an understanding of the basics of the process, as well as the general terminology of the various terms that … Read more

Earnings vs. Income

Earnings vs. Income Earnings refers to the financial benefits of the overall performance of a company. Generally speaking, earnings are the cash flow improvements resulting from increases in sales. The more sales a firm produces, the more it earns. Generally, earnings are also the amount that corporate tax is computed on. For an overview of … Read more

An Interactive Timeline Of Warren Buffett’s Portfolio

An Interactive Timeline Of Warren Buffett’s Portfolio Content from the Warren Buffett Archive consists of: his personal newsletters, letters to shareholders, letters to top executives, book reviews, among others. Audio files consist of audio interviews of Mr. Buffet. They range from interviews conducted in the early 1980s with Omaha radio DJ Bob Miller to conversations … Read more

All About Trader Talk

For those unfamiliar with the term, “Trader Talk” describes the process of investors talking to each other about their portfolios, shares, mutual funds, etc., and learning all about investing, stock trading, and how-to tips. It s essentially a new language for regular investors and, for experienced investors, being skilled in this trader talk is definitely … Read more

What Are Earnings?

Earnings are basically the net profits of a company’s operation over a period of time. Earnings is the accumulated amount on which corporate taxation is based. There are several other terms for which earnings are used, such as EBIT and EBITDA for an explanation of the same. The net earnings include the gross profit of … Read more

Powerful Searchable Buffett Video Footage From the Warren Buffett Archive

The most recent presentation highlights the accomplishments and longevity of legendary investor, Warren Buffett. The legendary investor and Businessman have achieved a great deal through his ownership of numerous businesses, including some of the largest in the world today, as well as an array of international companies. His influence on world affairs is far reaching, … Read more

Trader Talk – Your Daily Forex Broker

Trader Talk is an internet-based platform designed by TD America specifically for individual traders to connect with their brokers and with each other in a common knowledge base. It is also a part of TD Ameritrade’s portfolio of products. As one of the biggest and most respected discount brokers, it aims to provide an easy … Read more