What is Trader Talk?

Trader Talk is an online trading website owned by Tim Urban, who is also the owner of the successful stock-trading blog Seeking Alpha. Trader Talk offers a place for Forex traders to go and talk to other traders. However, this does not mean that Trader Talk is an automated trading platform, nor does it promise to make you a millionaire overnight. This site is rather a community of people who are interested in Forex trading and interested in learning about it as much as possible.

Trader Talk has a chat forum where Forex traders can post their questions, discuss current trading issues, and share tips and strategies. The chat forum, however, is not where you should go to ask for advice or to buy or sell your currencies. Trader Talk does have a section devoted to that, but you should exercise caution when using this section. Trader Talk has received a lot of criticism from those who believe it to be unethical trading, although Trader Talk has also been accused of lacking substance and not providing enough information. Regardless, Trader Talk is still one of the most popular online trading communities.

You can also access the Trader Talk forum from the Trading room on the main page. While this does allow you to post questions and discuss various issues, it is important to note that this section of the site is moderated and monitored by a team of moderators. Trader Talk also offers members free trading education materials such as videos and PDF reports that can help Forex traders become more effective traders. If you choose to access the Trading room from the Trader Talk home page instead, you will have access to the same information, but it will also be moderated.