What is the Buffett Archive?

A great many people, even those who are not investors in the stock market, are aware of the writings of Senator Robert Kiyosaki, author of multiple best-sellers, and Charles Schwab, author of multiple best-sellers. Charles Schwab is also a well-known personality on investment topics, having written numerous books on investment management. The two men have been known to speak out on investing topics. They have both been quoted as having strong opinions about stocks that are currently performing in a negative light.

However, many are not aware that their friend and colleague, Warren Buffet, is also a fan of stocks and shares, as are many other investors around the world. In fact, his extensive library of books on investing are housed in one place, and they are called the ” Berkshire Collection.” In this book series, he speaks about the art of investing, the ups and downs of the stock market, and why you should never be afraid to take risks. In his many writings on these topics, and in one of the books in this collection, “The Wealth of Nations,” Mr. Buffett demonstrated that a investor should never be fearful of being taken advantage of.

Of course, not everything that he has written about is positive. He has repeatedly warned investors to steer clear of the stocks of companies involved in the “energy bubble” of the late 1990s, and he has warned that currencies that are falling in value will hurt the American economy. Still, he has become an ardent promoter of international investments, especially in China, and has urged American citizens to buy more homes overseas. He has also made it clear that he is not an expert on everything, and that he has not “any idea” what will happen with Health Care, but has remained supportive of the Administration’s effort to make improvements.