Powerful Searchable Buffett Video Footage From the Warren Buffett Archive

The most recent presentation highlights the accomplishments and longevity of legendary investor, Warren Buffett. The legendary investor and Businessman have achieved a great deal through his ownership of numerous businesses, including some of the largest in the world today, as well as an array of international companies. His influence on world affairs is far reaching, having made trips to China and India, as well as playing a large role in the US economy. The Warren Buffett Archive provides a behind-the-scenes look at the life and times of this great man. Here are just some of the many amazing quotes that are included in the archive:

The fascinating Warren Buffett Archive features videos of the legendary investor speaking at various annual meetings, as well as one of his famous “fireside chat” sessions. The video of his fireside chat in Omaha, which was recorded by CBS News before his purchase of the Enterprise, is shown in the documentary. The footage provides a glimpse of Buffett’s humble beginnings as a modest carpenter and trader, who earned a reputation as a fierce competitor and vocal critic of federal policies and legislation. Through his ownership of the Omaha Stock Exchange, the company he later helped to form became one of the largest providers of trading and investing in the world today.

The powerful search feature allows users to instantly search the entire contents of the archive by keyword. This allows users to locate videos pertaining to topics such as leadership, trading, stocks, dividends and the infamous annual shareholder meeting. This searchable video footage can be viewed from start to finish, allowing anyone to follow along and learn at their own pace. The user may choose to filter the video by category, year of creation, overall points of view or any other criteria they deem necessary. This means that the Warren Buffett Archive can be a powerful and useful tool for investors and business professionals alike.