Learn More About the Life and Times of Warren Buffett

The Warren Buffett Archive contains: Warren Buffett’s Personal Best Books, a compilation of his famous quotes and distinctive soundbites regarding business, personal life, investing, international affairs and the world financial scene. The archive provides detailed accounts of key events that shaped the life of this great investor and manager. These include: his 20-year partnership with Omaha Telephone and Electronics Corporation, his relationship with his longtime partner Charlie Munger, his many years as a stockbroker and his numerous associations and ventures. These are followed by his early years as a stockbroker and trader, his associations with various foundations and organizations, and his departure from Omaha. In addition, the archive provides biographies and some rare articles about the life of America’s most successful investor.

The archive is organized around the theme of “personal mastery,” highlighting quotes, letters and audio from conversations that Warren Buffett has held over the years. This includes some remarkable and infamous quotes, which include: “Never compare yourself to other people,” “A day’s work is better than a week’s play” and “winners never quit and quitters never win.” These are just but a few of the more than one hundred conversations, letters and articles that have been compiled into this comprehensive personal archive. The entire site is designed to serve as a repository for those who are interested in learning more about the life of this legendary investor and manager.

Additional features on this archive include: current articles, current magazine issues, and top ten searchable video clips for viewing, according to categories selected by users. Other features include: a searchable database of the Warren Buffett interview footage, an index of important biographical data, and the transcript of past annual meetings. As with any other website dedicated to the life of this great investor and manager, the Buffett Archive is well organized, user-friendly and easily navigated. Some of the highlights of this valuable site include: the ability to make use of a password to gain access to some of the content; a listing of all the Warren Buffett interviews; a list of his books, readings, and correspondence; a list of his notable speaking engagements; a glossary of investing terminology; a full list of links and contact information for past and present investors; an index of all the annual meetings; a link for request a copy of his latest book; and a frequently asked questions page. This archive is an impressive complement to anyone interested in learning more about the life and times of this remarkable investor and manager.