Books, DVD And Other Warren Buffett Memorabilia

The Warren Buffett Archive features an extensive range of material spanning many years. These include correspondence, company reports, shareholder letters, special reports and annuals. The archive is broken down into several topics, each featuring a different topic of Buffett’s choosing. As with all the other information contained herein, the accuracy of this material is subject to varying degrees, some facts may have been inaccurately stated or mixed up, while some information may simply be a fabrication made to advance a particular agenda.

Among the many award winning documentaries, the Buffett documentary is one of the most comprehensive and in depth. The full annual meetings of the Berkshire Hathaway Company are filmed for the purpose of highlighting the leadership of Buffett. The footage, offered to CNBC by Warren Buffett, acts as the basis for the Warren Buffett Archive, as it highlights not only the tremendous growth of Berkshire Hathaway,but the enduring strength of its management. The footage also highlights Buffett’s lifelong interest in stocks and the original blueprint for investing in shares of stock that would see him break even and then see his portfolio continually grow.

An earlier short-form DVD entitled, “A Presentation: Making The Case For Warren Buffett”, was also produced by the independent film production company, HBO. The footage showcased in the documentary was taken from various annual shareholder meetings held by the company, and the same company later went on to produce a feature length film, entitled, “The Cutting Edge, The Man Who Almost Lost Everything”. All these documents serve as an apt background to the footage that CNBC has chosen to air in order to highlight the illustrious career of Warren Buffett. While CNBC has selected a short-form documentary to illustrate Buffett’s achievements, others who know him best would probably offer a different assessment of his greatness. However, the wealth of information contained in the numerous documents related to the life and times of this great investor and business magnate is sure to enthrall anyone who views the footage.