Audio Clips From Annual Meetings Featuring Charlie Munger – Part 2

Until now, the only means to hear or see Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger address shareholders at a wide-ranging interview over the years has been to be present at the closed session, which was held at the yearly meeting of the Professional Investors Association of America or the AMEX Membership. Whether you’re a Buffett fan, a Berkshire Hathaway investor, a potential student or a savvy investor, the Warren Buffett Archive offers the unmatched… anytime, anywhere audio quality of Munger’s voice. Munger passed away last year but his legacy lives on. His legacy was built on the backs of the people who followed him to places that were yet to be seen in this lifetime. He taught us that it is never too late to learn from the great man. Now, as he nears the end of his own lifetime, we can take that lesson to heart and apply it to improve our own financial situation and the world around us.

The BCAA (boards of directors) decided to take the world of speaking and video compiling by Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett and create an annual award recognizing the biggest, most influential investors of the year. These annual shareholder meetings are hosted by the AMEX Membership in Washington, D.C. annually. This is where the AMEX comes in with an initiative, built around the idea of creating the largest video collection of speaking about business, investing, money and life. The aim of the Buffet Archive is simple: to make it easier for the world to have access to conversations held between the greatest investor of all time and one of the youngest current investors today. What they have done is unprecedented in its scope, accessibility and depth.

While the goal is to provide as much information as possible to the general public, this isn’t a charitable effort. The archive includes articles written by Charlie Munger that were previously unavailable to the general public, audio clips from annual meetings that weren’t transcribed, and bonus materials like the AMEX shareholder letters and the annual reports. All of this is presented in an easy to read format, making it extremely easy to share with others, whether you’re a fan or not. What’s more, some of the articles date back to when Buffett was still alive, providing even more context and sense of the times. All in all, this is a fantastic gift for investors who are interested in learning more about how the great man lived his life and will benefit from having all of this extra information.