All About Trader Talk

For those unfamiliar with the term, “Trader Talk” describes the process of investors talking to each other about their portfolios, shares, mutual funds, etc., and learning all about investing, stock trading, and how-to tips. It s essentially a new language for regular investors and, for experienced investors, being skilled in this trader talk is definitely worth the time invested. In fact, I have often heard people say that learning the vocabulary used by other investors will be one of the key steps toward becoming a better investor. For example, when learning about stock trading terminology, “Trader Talk” is a term that many people will use.

However, some people may not know the first thing to do about it. So, what I suggest is that you start out by learning enough to understand the terminology. That way, when you do start talking to other traders, you will be able to explain what you mean, and what the stock market is really all about.

Also, be careful not to become too condescending or too aggressive. This could actually turn off a potential partner which is never a good idea! In addition, be as calm as possible. The whole point of this trading course is to get to know others, and learn as much as possible about the stock market, so don’t try to rush. Take your time, and the more information you gather and put together, the more successful you will ultimately be.